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Price Chart     

  All prices are done per day.

If you arrive in the afternoon (between 4:00pm - 5:30pm) you will be charged a full day.

If you depart in the morning (between 08:00am - 10:00am) you will only be charged half a day.

1 dog  per kennel = £12.50
2 dogs per kennel = £18.75
3 dogs per kennel = £28.00
4 dogs per kennel = £37.50
5 dogs per kennel = £43.00

Lead Walks
We can take your dog for a half an hour lead walk around our beautiful fields for £5. 
You can book this in on arrival with your dog!
Collection and Delivery Service
For the Bridport area = £7.50 per journey (please ask for a quote for collections and deliveries further afield).   

Vet Trips

If we need to seek vet attention for your dog, you will be charged £7.50 per journey.

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