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Our kennels are the latest secure design, and are situated next to a manned reception area, our farmhouse with CCTV coverage and just across the car park is the managers house! Each dog has a health-check for any obvious signs of illness/injury at the beginning of each shift. 

Does Elwell have outdoor exercise facilities? Yes - your dog will be encouraged to run in our secure outdoor exercise area every day.

What are your opening times?
Our normal Check-in and Check-out times are 08:00 - 11:00 every morning, and 15:30 – 18:00 in the afternoon except for Sunday afternoon when we are closed . However, we realise that you may need to catch a plane or be somewhere else at those times so we can accept your dog outside of these hours, but please, this MUST be by prior arrangement!
Who will be looking after my pet? We use only experienced and trained staff to look after your dog. Our kennels are fully insured and licensed, and are built to meet the highest local authority standards. 
What's the longest & shortest stay that I can book? The minimum stay is just one day, and there’s no maximum limit. If you are holidaying with your horse as well as your dog and require livery, we will be happy to discuss a special family price for all your animals.

What if my dog is taken ill whilst I’m away? If your pet is unlucky enough to be taken poorly, you can, of course, call in your own vet. If that isn't possible, we have an excellent general vets' practice within a ten-minute drive of the farm. We also have an isolation area for rest and recovery.

Can you cater for special needs? Yes - we can provide special diets, care for the elderly or injured dog, and individual exercise in our compound.

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